Cal Lliuret is a welcoming family restaurant, specialized in tapas and rice dishes that you can enjoy while admiring the best vistas of Cadi Mountain range.

Our menu is full of tasty and original dishes inspired on ancient tradition of Catalan cooking, choosing seasonal and local products, and making simplicity its mark and the reason to be.

We like to reclaim some recipes from the local tradition such as Easter Omelette, made with pork crackling, garlic and parslei, Cerdanya Mashed, or Fresh Coscolls (local herb) from the screes of The Pyrenees.

Good ingredients make the difference and if they’re local, all the better. The potatoes, the vegetables and reineta apples along with the honey and other wild forest products such as mushrooms, coscolls, blackberries and raspberries, served in Cal Lliuret are firsthand.

The signature dish of the restaurant are the different style rice plates, the sauce (sofregit) is cooked very slowly to achieve the best taste, vegetables are cooked separately and the meat is toasted to give flavor and color to the dish.